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Jim Jarmusch’s Aesthetics of Sampling in « Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai »

Eric Gonzalez

Abstract : The aim of this paper will be to exa­mine the sty­lis­tic and, to some extent, the­ma­tic inter­play bet­ween writ­ten text, cine­ma­tic nar­ra­ti­ves and sound­track in Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog–The Way of the Samurai. Indeed, Jarmusch weaves a rich inter­tex­tual net­work by means of an aes­the­tic of sam­pling clearly remi­nis­cent of that adop­ted by rap musi­cians since the end of the 1970s. The–mainly ins­tru­men­tal–music for the film is com­po­sed by hip-hop col­lec­tive Wu-Tang Clan’s mas­ter­mind The RZA, and unders­co­res an auteur’s rerea­ding of the gang­ster movie genre.

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